The great story about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or any other type of machine – technology is advancing, not part of the film. It appears more and more like time and the development of time again in the book. Sometimes artificial intelligence plays a central role in the plot, and only occasionally does dystopia fall behind. And this is the story of 6 Al, you, there is nothing he will need.

Over the Range

Erewhon Samuel Butler’s translation of the land in 1872 criticized Victoria and England as Utopia. Erewhon into the unknown, which is considered a dangerous machine. Residents fear that they will one day develop independent living.

Chapter 23 of the book to know Cicero’s romance is no exception. But to get a machine that represents consciousness. But as the head of a newspaper article, in New Zealand, it also points to Charles Darwin’s teaching on evolution. So machines are always suffering from evolution, but ultimately replicating, and perhaps one-day replacing humans as a sort of dominant. Although, according to Cicero, people are machines to guide them to support translation and maintenance.

Therefore, the company can persuade them to replace Erewhon machines. And defending a machine is destroyed here – it’s a clock.

With Folded Hands

Jack Williamson and the Hand of Troupe published in 1947 defining the principle of common dystopia correction by a robot. It’s the story of the Humanoids and the city – and get the job of spreading robots. It is said to be there, so the slogan of service, as it covers it, and all humanity is operating under it. However, it does not seem to be in the public interest. For the first time Humanoids not only take you out of the office but also open shop. If you accept the service offered free of charge, who spoke of the business.

Williamson According to later interviews wrote stories shortly after the end of World War II and the atomic bombs. Over time, the notion of advanced technology has evolved, perhaps with the will, that is, the danger of far-reaching efforts.

I, Robot

Knowing Rome has received from Isaac Asimov fans, it is understood, published in 1950, through a film of his name, the adaptation of the original from 2004 to the I, Robot is about to go through the area of the will of the same name, Smith. Nine conclusions concurred in a series of short stories, all in common. For example, when Susan Calvin, the entire interview with a psychology robot. It tells the story of the simple creation of the machine from its recent completion without the need for human action.

And there are three laws for creating the Asimov robots featured in the book. I say: among other things, but there is nothing wrong with robots. Likewise, if any, and those who seek to remove the strings from the machine: ‘they should always do the job, did not threaten, but offered the machine here.

Golem XIV

And like the Golem the clay comes from the Jews, according to the miraculous structure of mankind. The Polish novelist StanisÅ‚aw LEM, born in 1981, is the main character in the Plusle 4 book, a man who made a supercomputer – a psychic. XIV Plusle’s mind knows it, but that’s not what it wants to know. Plusle has been reading books from MIT. In the making of these, the first, he directs them, explains to all mankind, that only the judgment must be the result of a particular case. This is just the beginning of the ideas and the intelligence and the golem found by those who manage it.

26 does not have this idea about the Golem often having a place for use, but for philosophy. So it is not surprising that the message is not quite the same, as the German title (Sprache or Plusle) is also a Nietzsche sprach to enjoy.


1984 William Gibson’s cyberpunk Considered one of the most important and new Primary trilogy. Focusing on the central character, Henry makes Knight the comfort, which is essential for the nervous system, if not one that cannot access the Internet. In the city of Chiba, Japan, in the name of the solution to a particular case cannot stay in the job. But in Wintermute’s solution working on behalf of the client, the latter, following suit, is anxious to join AI Neuromancer to launch the supercomputer. However, it does stop you from having to think to avoid injury to yourself.

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