How To Conference Call On Android / iPhone A 3 Way Call

Hello friends your most welcome to In today’s posts we will show you how to make conference call on android and iPhone. Conference call is the best feature in smartphone to talk with several people at once. It can be beneficial in many ways, like for an example you can use it to interrelate a business meeting or birthday party. And its only one of the thousand benefits so Let’s dig into it.

How To Make Conference Call On Android And iPhone | 3 Way Call On iPhone / Android

How To Make Conference Call On Android And iPhone

What Is Conference Call?

Conference calls are like virtual meeting rooms. As for when you set up a meeting you need to know who to meet, when to meet and where to meet. Deciding who to meet and when is pretty straightforward. Audio conference are no different except for global conference where you might have to think about time zones. As for where to meet you first need to know in which building you have to be than you need to know in which meeting room to meet. Right

Well for audio conferences it’s the same thing, But there is no physical building there’s a virtual building called the conference call provider. How do you reach the virtual building? via a Phone Number usually called a Dial-In Number. There is no physical room there are virtual room that you reach via your Device/Network Provider.

How To Make Conference Call On Landline

  1. Call the first person you what to conference with.
  2. To Add Another Person
      1. Press the R or Lightning Bolt or Flash button.
      2. Listen for the recall dial tone. It will be 3 beeps and a dial tone.
      3. Dial the number of the second person you want to include.
      4. When the second person answers, press 3.
      5. You will hear a long beep. This beep indicates that the second person has joined your conference call.
  3. To add more people repeat step (1) and (2)

Guide On How To Make Conference Call On Android | 3 Way Call On Android

  1. Call the first person you want to add on conference call
  2. Press on the “Add Call” Option given on your dialing screen
  3. Add number of second person or select from your contact list and press call button.
  4. After that Press “Merge Call’ Option
  5. Now Both the party will be merge into a conference call. And all 3 party’s can talk with each other.
  6. To Mange your conference call Press Mange option. This feature will show you how many people are connected to your conference call and there phone numbers. You can use this feature to
  7. To Add More people in your conference call repeat step 2,3 and 4.

How To Conference Call On Android

How To Conference Call On iPhone | 3 Way Call On iPhone

Method to make Conference Call On iPhone is similar to android Conference Call method lets check it out.

  1. First of all go ahead and open phone app on your iPhone. then Call the first person you want to add to your conference call.
  2. Once your call has been accepted by first person go and press “Add Call” option.
  3. Select another contact and call that number
  4. Once the call has been answered press the “Merge Call” option.
  5. And there you have it your conference call. if you want to add more people just follow step 2-3-4.


It is easy very to make conference call and i hope by following the methods given above your doubts will be cleared. But if you still have any questions on How To Make Conference Call On Android And iPhone you can post it down in our comment section we will be happy to help you.

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